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We Swam in endless Desire

We swam in endless desire.

We swam in an endless swirl of moist and damp.

We swam in heart’s desire.

We swam in the courage of dying.

We swam in the recklessness of Youth.

We swam in Beauty as Beauty lives among the darkest and most painful places.

We swam in sweat.

We swam in secrets.

We swam in secrets.

You and me, we swam in secrets.

We swam in dreams beyond the skin.

We met under moonlight.

I rode a stallion.

I rode a stallion.

I rode a hell of a stallion.

I felt the swiftness of the wind

Blowing against my neck and hair,

Whispers to a tiger,

Wild, my wild, my wild man!

And I became wilder than you,

My stallion looked up to me.

In screams of Lust

I forever unraveled myself,

Amongst your fingertips,

That danced through pressure,

Quick, warm,

A pen scrolling through an old paper,

A feather tickling my spine.

All the skies may cry

As that day and night

Was the eternal burial of my heart.

Photo: The Master Dave Shrimpton, Wet Plate Collodion


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