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The Marriage Of The Senses And The Arts

In a world where we seek to fulfil our senses with the immediate gratification of the sugars of Capitalism, we have become disconnected from the Great Nature and the Shadow Mind.

In a world where, more and more, we seek to “fix” ourselves in order to function at the superfast pace of modern society, the question should be; “Have you recognized your madness and do you admit it?” (Carl Jung)

We also ask: have you observed, with no judgement, how your mind can become, transform, melt away, and solidify again?

Looking at mysterious wet plates forces you to visit those personas: a mad Alice in Wonderland, a Chaotic Joker, Cleopatra, The Goddess of Love and War Babalon, and whoever they might represent for you with your own experiences and feelings. When we allow them to speak to us, we become freer, within the world and ourselves. We allow them to appear, to be whoever they are in that moment in time. Clocks: the temporal nature of the fragility of life is the concept that humankind has been trying to resolve since the beginning of the time itself.

Now is the time to set them free to everyone who wants to experience The Beauty, The Divinity, The Marriage of the Arts, The Freedom of Love, and of letting go.

It is the time to unleash works of Art in which we have harnessed both the Divine Feminine along with the Divine Masculine and recognise how both are equally important to the Journey of the Self.

The altered states used to achieve that Divinity are celebrated in our Art, as tools to heal, embrace, conquer fear, and open our senses to what lies above and beyond our conscious mind, as our ancient societies have experienced.

As anyone who falls deeply in Love, our mission became the need to share those visions, dreams, and prophecies in an original, vintage, pure and Alchemist form.

This is our sweetest toast, in Dionysus’ finest wine. In the river of our strengths, pains, in our most vulnerable states, with a pure heart, in our own Divinity, climbing the Holy Mountain, where all is divine energy; chaotic, beautiful.

Beauty is all around us, and we choose to dare to see beyond the everyday colours and shapes, to reveal their true forms, along with the true shapes of each human being.


My true form is all over snaps of eternity. We live forever when we strip down our fears and dance with arms open and raised, in union and in honour of the Force of Life, our God the Sun and our Goddess the Moon.

Who We Are

I was born on the 1st of February of 1997 in Portugal.

When I was 4 years old my adoptive Grandfather, Carlos Crespo, asked me what the last number is and I couldn't reply. So he laughed with purpose and said to me, "Oh Pequenita, não existe um último número. Os números são infinitos."

That stayed with me even when Life was dark as Ash and always saved me and took me further.

I fell in Love with London when I first visited and it is my Home after almost 4 years. 
As a child I used to spend my days imagining fantastic scenarios and speaking to fantastic creatures and people, I believe that is a raging force for me to create Art these days and to fill fulfilled doing so. 

I feed myself on going to the studio with the Master,  in dancing everyday of my life, in practicing Magick that is always challenging and endless, in the music of mad and genius minds, in books of the Occult, Science and Psychology. 

A Muse, Poetess, Beast when the Stars align... but I couldn't really define my many selfs in a way that I am satisfied with. I am infinite. And that is all I wish to be for all my Lifes. 

Catarina Celeste
Who are you?

Apart from modeling for over 9 years and still counting, I also started Analog Photography myself and it is something that I hope to invest in more.


Apart from that I am a Poetess since my raging teenage years and most of all, in my truest form, a student, a practitioner and eternal Lover of the Occult and Magic. 
I dance a fusion of Burlesque with free, mad movement.

What do you do?

I am a camera artist.

I used to be a creative director for a creative agency, working on large digital shoots, and I absolutely hated it. I found that I spent most of my time in Photoshop and hardly any time actually being creative. At the same time, I went through a very sad divorce, and the two came together, so I ran away to live isolated in the forests of Transylvania. While I was there, I started taking pictures with my iPhone, and I fell in love with photography again.


When I came back, a colleague introduced me to the work of Vivian Maier, which, after investigating Rolleiflex, sent me down the rabbit hole of medium format. After transitioning to large format, everything suddenly started to open up; I'm shooting with film, Polaroid, peel-apart, and finally, wet plate collodion.


Wet plate is a whole new creative world which is all consuming, for both artist and model. You take the picture, and both retire to the dark room together to watch it reveal itself through the fog of the fix. It's in that moment, when you both see it, that you've either nailed it, or you haven't.

A beautiful thing for me is that my daughter, who's 14, has shown a massive interest in wet plate and large format. In fact, she's taken some of my favourite images of me.

Find Dave's website here:

Dave Shrimpton
Who are you?

I create images using traditional analog methods; film and, obviously, wet plate collodion. Those pictures, on glass or metal, will be around for 150 years. And then, it goes on from there, how can we push this further? Can we put it on acrylics? Can we do it on the bottom of bottles I've picked up by the River Thames? It goes on!

But the one thing that sums it up best, are the friendships that I've made, built on trust, which is what it's all about in this game.

What do you do?

I am a musician based in London, raised in the Netherlands, although my parents are Chilean and Catalan. My international upbringing pulled me away from my home town, to the grand city of London, with the intentions of expanding my artistic horizons and sharing my art with the global community.

David Fons Lathrop
Who are you?

David was part of Moon Child until 2023 coding the initial Moon Child's wesbite, designing the first logo and making the music for Series 1 Celestial Chaos. having performed with Moon Child in Sevilla Mia on the 14th January 2023 playing live music. 

What do you do?

Andrew Brechin

Who are you?


His influences include Tones On Tail, Coil, Throbbing Gristle and Cabaret Voltaire. The inspiration for these new pieces came entirely from the titles sent to him by Catarina. Truly a kindred spirit, he found it hard to resist their evocations. Each piece is a conveyance offering no true, definite destination but with interesting and/or disturbing things to observe along the way. 


His musical influences include Tones On Tail, Coil, Throbbing Gristle and Cabaret Voltaire. He is based in north Hertfordshire where he and his beloved dachshund enjoy the passing of the seasons and simple, humble pleasures.

What do you do?

Andrew has been recording music as The Sour Grapes for nearly 30 years but has recently been producing work under the moniker of Rivergreen. His dark ambient soundscapes are in the tradition of musique concrète, comprising found sounds and manipulated samples from TV and film, with added guitar, keyboards, atmospheric loops and drum patterns.

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