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Photoshoot in Hamburg with Christine von Diepenbroek

For several years I have traveled quite a lot through many countries in Europe, NYC and Japan until I settled down in London because I fell in love with the vibrancy, energy and Chaos of the city.

I am based in London and even tho my travelling for modelling is less than it was before, this year I have decided to go back to one of the countries I have been to the most: Germany.

I decided to tour in a city I had never toured before and that was Hamburg and I had the pleasure of working with a wonderful photographer called Christine von Diepenbroek that is an incredibly talented Lady with amazing ideas and a wardrobe that makes any woman go woooooooow!!!

We had so much fun working together and I explored all these different characters in a single 4 hour shoot! I had to share with you all the first results as I am extremely happy with this photoshoot and I really really hope we can work together again in the future!

Which one is your favorite from this post? Let me know in my socials and if you are not following me yet, my instagram is @777_moonchild_777.


Moon Child


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