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Yet to be known

Tintype, Wet Plate Collodion by the Master Dave Shrimpton

Crawling on my own steps,

Tinglings of blurred lines,

Magnifying a case of light,

Or shall it be darkness,

Shall it be Life,

Or the kiss of Death?

Running on your own spite,

It does make you feel alive,

When all you came to know

Was that strange ugliness,

Descending across the sky,

Whispering a case of loss of life.

I was said to have eyes of a fallen angel,

I smiled whilst inside

Destiny laughed at me,

Destiny mumbled at me,

Destiny is waiting for me,

Hovering in my will.

We speak of true will,

I am interrogated by my mind,

Sanity left my heart,

I am a criminal in disguise,

Prying over my wicked courage

In all of the secrets in my Art.


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