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Wet Plate Collodion, Dance

When I was a little child, women and men in my family would turn to me and say things such as: “You have to learn how to do that for when you get married.” Then I would scream loudly and say that I would never get married because I didn’t wanna be like everyone else. Then, women would turn to me and ask me what would I do if I didn’t get married then. And all I wanted to do was dancing and gather people and make them watch me perform with my play microphone and pom-poms in my hands. I was also very eager in studying and I was always a great student and took great pleasure in learning everyday at school but not having to really study hard, just things would enter my brain by listening to the teachers and reading once.

So marriage was never a dream of mine. An engagement neither. I dreamed of fiery lovers and chaotic love stories but I never ever dreamed of your classic marriage because I never had the wish of pleasing the expectation of others. My dream was to become independent quickly, highly intelligent and to experience things that most people would never experience. I was eager for freedom, for exploration and discovery and fortunately I wore the wedding dress without getting married which is what so many really wish on their “big day.”

But once the black wings grow on your back, there is no mortal who can stop a flight with a diamond ring, as the chest of Apollo shines with the Light of divine Love and Dance, an evocation, an invocation, a chain of a sweet song about Freedom.

📸 Wet Plate Collodion @dave_shrimpton


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