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My London, dance!

Today I danced in a tube station

And I smiled feeling the people,

I danced in the tube

I am happy with myself,

With the life I’ve made out of ashes,

Out of pain.

I danced in London,

Oh my beautiful city,

I dance with you

People looking or not

We became lovers in those nights,

At 3 and 4 and 5 am

Whilst I walked all over you,

My London, I know you,

And You know me, as I never thought you would,

Sometimes thats why I cry,

But London, I love you.

I danced with you,

In the tube,

Where You, London, are real.

I danced with you my London ,

I’ll go home with you,

I can’t wait to lay down with you,

My London.

There is no other place,

I’d feel more alive,

Than with you,

My London.


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