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On July 4th

We popped microdots

But sunshine took many paths to arrive.

I laid my head on the floor,

Listening to those voodoo drums.

So I ask him: "Can you hear it?"


"The drums. They come from the Earth and it's getting so loud. Can't you hear it?"

He couldn't hear it,

AS it was common.

And I took all my rings off my hands and started taking everything I had.

"I came to this world with nothing, I go with nothing."

And he laughed at me. He laughed so hard at me.

I knew I was all alone and set for that trip.

I thought of my friend who had initiated me into the mystery's of strawberry fields and somehow she was a guide to me, reminding me:" Feel it... And now release it. Let it go mamma, let it go."

And with a good or bad trip there was always something being shown to me: the infinitude of everything. The Infinitude of an atom, the Infinitude of sound, the infinitude of beauty, the infinitude of the human being, the infinitude of a single thought, from where a thousand stem.

I looked in the mirror and I saw divinity,

"Are you happy with it?" something asked me.

"I know there's something hiding."

I ran up and down the hall, laughing.

I stopped and frightened I asked:

"For how long am I running here?"

"I don't know, time is all wonky now."

"I think I'm dead. I'm in a loop."

And so I was in the Underworld of my mind.

As I land in the night of my Soul,

fighting the law of mortality,

Death is a Lady flying quicker for the ones running from Her womb.

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