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Master the Light

He’s asleep,

It’s starting to rain outside

Almost 4am,

I am dancing

With some strange dancers,

And it is as it is written,

Everything as it is

Just in its essence,

The color as one color,

The Scarlet as Ruby,

The Ruby as Wine,

Wine as blood,

The blood coming off my cunt

And the hands of the Magician

Moving like a wand.

Have you called Astaroth,

To stretch and lick me?

Here’s the key,

Reveal it to me.

All that it stands above

And below

In this realm,

I do believe

I gave him a shooting star

I’ll have my wish,

I gave him a shooting star.

Closing my eyes I can be there,

I move forwards, backwards

I see faces clearly

More than before.

I feel my eyes rolling

I am disappearing in this bed

It’s a hole swallowing me

My eyes rolling up

Up my legs, down my crown

I am there, but I am smiling.

I stay in silence, I am sober

I found the hole,

Walking the time, Alchemist

The power of a Camera in a mind, Now I shall master the Light...

I shall,too, master the Darkness.


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