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Ivy thoughts

Wet Plate Collodion, by the Magician Dave Shrimpton

Interrogated on my views

On relationships ,

I have come to understand

By experience of my own

And experience of speaking to others,

That they build societies,

Out of dependance and fear,

Not out of Love and Freedom.

The biggest treasure I have,

Is my own Soul,

And when saying I will die alone,

The fear in their eyes is not of my end,

But they’re own end,

As they have not found the beating heart,

The voice of the world,

The assurance of Nature,

The truth of human condition,

And when I smile and say,

I will, I will, I will,

Their ravenous goal in control,

Makes me shiver,

Of the coldness that beats in those hearts,

In the illusion of company,

In the illusion of lost words.

I am, I am, I am.

And being and transforming,

Out of someone’s will,

Is the ultimate force of creation.

But we are Poets,

And we have made love to Pan,

We have drank with Dyonysus,

We have danced in the freedom of wilderness,

We have raised our arms to the Stars,

To the blinding Light of the Sun,

To the Mystery of the Moon,

The Painters have painted dreams,

The Photographers have illuminated

With the Light of Apollo eternal Beauty,

How can we ever be afraid

Of the eternal Night Sky,

Of the ever lasting Ocean

We have swam in our lives?

We have made Love with Truth,

With Knowledge,

With Courage.

How can we go back to the dark cave of fear?

Would we ever want to go?

The light of Apollo shines in our hearts,

Endlessly, ecstatically, eternally.


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