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The Saz Player (VI)

The Goddess of Love and War enchanted the prodigious musician.
Touching the saz softly as a breeze, it feels as if there is a movement of pull from her and him. Is he distracted? Or did he realize they are now bound forever?
Whatever it is, she looks at us and forcibly tells us: 'I can start a war with my pussy'.

Once, I said to Master: 'one day I will bring a man that is so amazing that I will want to photograph with him'.
David, my Miracle, my Song, my Soulmate.
Master, genius, Alchemist, Friend, Family.
This wet plate is the first presentation of the marriage of the senses. Where a Camera Artist, completely genially mad, a Musician with a very rare talent and Supreme love for Music, and me, a dreamer that dreamed to be surrounded by true love and to truly love and live in Art.
Nothing of this would ever be possible without these two men. The one in front and the one behind the camera.
Shooting something so private and spiritual, as a couple, demands a lot of trust. Dave, as the Master he is, allowed us to be whoever we wanted and to tell the story as we wanted to. He did all his Magic and only He could have taken that photograph. My dearest friend, taking the wet plate of me and my darling.

I love and I raise my flag. I stand up against thousands of years of lies and disrespect towards Women. These 2 men stand with me too, as only those who truly love do. If one praises a God, one should praise a Goddess. Mother Earth, She is everywhere. Acknowledge her, deep within you.

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