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The Joker (III)

The most Chaotic. The fool, in Tarot cards, represented by number 0.

When I told the Master I wanted to shoot something highly inspired by the Joker (2019 film, portrayed by the wonderful Joaquin Phoenix), I was in a very peculiar part of my journey.
At that moment in time, I felt that I desperately needed to pass to wet plate the agitated, chaotic, turbulent, anxious, and somewhat depressed emotions that had been accumulating within me.

I decided to put on a black velvet suit, imperfect makeup and blast the soundtrack of the film in the cabin.
After that, I remember flashes of the so very intense feelings that were passing through me.
The adrenaline, along with an acceptance of madness or, in more psychologically friendly terms, the Shadow, filled me with such vulnerability that all of me was energy coming out.
All that energy peaked and was born as this smile. The smile that is full of tears. The smile that is neither happy nor sad, as those are just too basic terms to define true human experiences. The smile and the tears are there to always be a reminder that no matter what happens, the best and the worst things in Life are celebrated with those two on our faces.

Strength, self-love, resilience, and acceptance are the highlights of this plate.
The thoughts behind that smile and those tears got locked in secret, forever in the depths of the lens of the only Alchemist who could have done something that Mad with me, sir Dave Shrimpton.

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