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The Beginning (I)

My first wet plate shoot... The one that opened the doors to the realization of my biggest dreams.

I still remember, after starting with large format in that magical cabin with the Master, he asked me 'Do you wanna do wet plate now?'
I wasn't sure what we were going to do but I had this strange feeling of ultimate respect for it, even though I didn't know it yet.

The Master gave me absolute freedom to present myself for wet plate as I wanted.
So there I went, with dramatic music playing, a sophisticated and impressive set up of lights and that big camera looking at me as if asking me the most important question of my life, I stood there.
And I stood there in a way that I had never stood before. I called upon the Goddess, in my mind, with my sacral Chakra, feeling an endless energy running through me.
Master kept telling me to not move, to hold as the exposure was going to be 11 seconds. And I knew, I knew that I was in the most magical place with the most magical Artist I had ever met.
The Man that allowed me to be the Woman that I always wanted to present. The Man that gave me infinite numbers, after my Grandfather Carlos, who told me that when I was 4 years old.

The Beginning is not a beginning but a continuation of the Soul. It is the Path we are all seeking to find, and we all aren't exactly sure. But everything in my life led me to that moment. Everything in my life led me to that Magical Master, that Magical Cabin and a Lifetime of Immortality by the law of Numbers, Alchemy, Light and Shadow, and the eternal Divine embrace of certainty that you were born to do that, to stand in front of that Camera and let that lenses strip down my Soul completely. And just, just let go. Let go, as above so below.

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