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Cleopatra (II)

'I will not be triumphed over' - Cleopatra

If in the Beginning I found a Goddess, in Cleopatra she completely became form and matter.

Master Dave saw the beautiful head and body piece in an antiques shop and sent me a message saying that he got one especially for our next shoot. But, it was when I saw the piece in front of me that I really connected with it.
Without a wig, naked as freedom can get, I put on the heavy, cold metal body piece. The cold awakened my senses, making me shiver and shift energy. The headpiece followed, with those metal beads falling over my face and The Moon above my third eye.
I will never forget the rattle of the jingle bells, the sound of ritual calling, as the Wise know, an essential tool for ceremonial work.

My pose came naturally to me when starring in front of the mirror. The hands were carefully placed to both question and challenge the viewer.
Who is that Queen? Who is She, showing one eye, so proud of herself, conquering all that space, towards infinity? Who is She for you? What does She tell you? What is She about to face?

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