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Babalon (V)

Babalon, the Red Goddess, my blood, the Blood of all Humanity, the Life Force, I love you.
Oh Wicked Queen, my Lady, She that rides the Beast. She, that is the Mother of Abominations.
Look down on your Child, that knows pain and suffering and death. I, that was brought to hell, embrace me and strengthen me so I shall ride the Beast and conquer what is ours by right.
The right to be equals, along with Him, our Lord, the Great Beast!

All my life is in Your ecstasy,
The intensity and power of Babalon.
She rises, dark as the New Moon
I pour a thousand drinks to you, My Goddess
I celebrate Us, as all of our blood belongs to You,
As You are Life, Death, and Rebirth.
Oh my blood! I gave you my blood,
The wine of my fluids and Soul.

Babalon, I am your image. You are me and I am you.

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