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Alter (IV)

The 8x10 collodion wet plate that was specially dedicated to my Altar.

Spirituality comes hand in hand with Wisdom. As the tree of life, the more you discover, the more you learn, the more connected you are. Connection brings a sense of giving and sharing that is beyond any reason.
As a musician can offer his gift of music to the Gods and Goddesses, one can offer their beauty when it is fully embedded with meaning, symbols and most of all, intention.

Alter plate is named after both Altar and Alter. Both have very different meanings, but as everything is one, they meet at their most important point. The point where both, raised or high, structures meet, the material and the spiritual.

The Victorian look, with a Gothic Headpiece and black gloves invokes the spirit of Wilderness and Mystery that surrounds the Occult and Magic. The Scorpions also have an extremely important significance on my birth chart.

Master captures my eyes and soul in ways that only he could. In here, I pride myself for that look: serene, powerful, yet sinister.

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