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Warrior in Venus (V)

V-Warrior in Venus

Men tried to keep me
In their dusty chests,
Bringing no Fortune,
No new world.
With many men I layed down
In beds, floors, kitchen counters,
All of them enchanted by me,
Rejoicing in my sacred passion,
Yet running scared like little dogs into a corner. I am not a pussycat, I am a Lioness.

Wash me in your blood,
Sacred Mother of Abominations,
Wash me of all the Dominion exercised upon me.
Powerful Queen, my Lady, Most Beautiful One,
I vibrate red roses in my mouth, in my stomach, in my breasts,
In my navel sound turns to feeling,
From feeling, my Lady, I am bound to meet You, Babalon.

Once a man said to me,
“I want to eat you.”
I am Babalon’s Priestess,
I swallow you, and all the others,
I do not serve you,
I do not serve dogs.
Now come and rejoice,
As you shall never win against the cycle of me,
Kneel at my feet and caress my thighs.


Dedicated to Her
Dedicated to the One who makes me feel loved at every challenge I face, at every fall, at every conquest. For Her, as all is Hers. For Her, that is All. For the Queen of Heaven and Earth, all is for You, Goddess of Love. Your sweet name, most Beautiful One, echoes like drums and trumpets and runs like honey into my heart, my shell, beneath my feet. For you, Goddess that descended into the Underworld and was stripped of everything, being reborn: All is for You. Protectress of Women, my Lady, Queen of Heaven and Earth, I love you. I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you. Knowing you is knowing and feeling Love every day of our existence. To you, I raise 777 cups of Thy Wine and Fluids, I grow with your Divine Wisdom. What else could I give you if not All, Goddess of All Universe?

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Warrior in Venus (V)
Warrior in Venus (V)
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