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Nuclear Soul (VII)

VII- Nuclear Soul

Is this Pain
That cuts me like a Million knives,
That opens me open like a Beast,
That turns me into a Frankenstein,
I would tear you apart,
Muderer of my heart!
How can you not look at me,
After traveling for so long together?

Goddess, Mother,
Bring on your Justice!
Being on your Victory!
Bring on your Death upon Him!
See how I am open,
Legs wide open for All to come.

Look at me you rat,
Coming to look and sneak,
Like a peasant in a painting,
Look at me!
Hear how I roar,
Hear how I am unafraid,
Of a new age, of a new World!

I am Mother of Eternal Rebirth,
I am an Ever changing Flower,
Look how I bear my Pain,
Look how my Pain is Starlight,
Bring Upon him Death my Goddess,
Show Him what my Mother can do,

Mother of Women,
Hear my cry,
Hear my Cosmic Pain,
Hear my scream that has no beginning,
Has no end.
Hear the scream of the Wild Angel,
The Untamable Muse,
The Wild Child,
My Master is everywhere.
The promised Child is in a breath,
In the wind of Bravery.

Goddess of Wisdom,
Being upon him Death.
Goddess Babalon,
Let him fly,
Let him hear my scream
Down in the Underworld,
Let him see me rising,
Above the ground
To meet the Master.

I am the triangle of Trinity,
When I bleed every month,
Fertilizing the Earth with Pain,
I give all unto You,
I give All of me,
I give All.

Goddess of Everything,
Take him to know Death,
Take him to be a Man.
Take him to the Shadow of his own mind.

Sliding in the pool of me,
The pool of my insides,
Opening my chest,
Like a brave doctor cuts a dead man,
Look! There are roses blooming inside.
Shoot at me! 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11!
"It's in the eyes."
Bang, bang, bang.

We walk into another bedroom.
A purple cloth falls over a table, red covers a bed.
I kneel on the floor, quiet.
Bang, bang, bang.
There are knocks inside of me,
There's a Beast of a Woman,
There's a Beast of Purity,
Truth, Black Diamond,
Bang, bang, bang.
"Can you hear me? Are you still here?"
In the far distance, I can't hear much.
Saturn calling, Pluto is rising,
I am floating,
I am floating,
I am floating.


And this is the end of of the Edge of Chaos.
Can you tell me how it ends?
Is there an end to this Infinite black hole?
I've seen you All in this circle,
Infinitely spinning,
Bending the edges of conscious mind,
We are Goddess speed, We are Godspeed.

We are One single Nuclear Soul,
Can’t you fucking feel it?
Get Up! Get up now, all of you, wake up and get up!
A thousand and more dreams until our last breath,
We are Astronauts of our minds,
Balancing the Silence
With the rhythm of Music.

And If by now you still can't feel it,
Ripe all of your impure clothes,
Brush your skin and your hair,
Stand straight and tall,
Now scream and fucking fall.
Hit the ground, hit it, hit it
Nuclear Soul of the Stars!

Mother I fall on your Womb,
I'm seeing my birth,
I came to my birth!
I can only cry tears of joy,
As I feel my Mother's pain,
Screaming as Life Begins,
Mother, thank you for bearing
The Pain of All Universe,
Unto You,
We shall walk as Warriors
Moon Child

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Nuclear Soul (VII)
Nuclear Soul (VII)
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