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Dissolving In The Apocalipse (VI)

Let me lay down,
On the strong loins
Of Your Dark Horses
My Lord,
Let me rest.
As when I look into their eyes
I feel the safety I don't feel in Men,
Let me ride your Black Horses, My Lord!

You are the Morning Star,
You are Lucifer,
You are many names, many forms,
But Your Divine horses are always dark,
Running fearlessly,
And as the Horse makes me fly,
Everything is Infinite

Your Sword gives me no Fear,
Oh Warrior of the Sun!
Take me on Your dark horses,
I know their skin and eyes and breath,
Let me go with You, Truthful One.

HAIL to the Black Horses!
I pour Beer to your Feet,
I pour wine for PHO′SPHORUS
I hear the trumpets and drums,
I say HAIL! Hail to PHO′SPHORUS!
I say HAIL! Hail to PHO′SPHORUS!

HAIL my number VI,
Fallen Angel,
HAIL my number VI,
Morning Star,
HAIL my number VI,
Most Powerful and Proud Warrior!

Oh Beast, Great Beast,
Number 666 revolving around you,
Your horses are black,
Horses darker than Night,

Oh most Beautiful One that fell from the Skies,
Hail Warrior!
May Your Sword not gives us Fear,
May your Sword gives us Strength,
Like Your horses run, let me run freely!

I dissolved in the waters of Apocalipse,
In You, Light-Bringer, I feel flaming Love.

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Dissolving In The Apocalipse (VI)
Dissolving In The Apocalipse (VI)
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