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Cosmic Pain (IV)

In the eternal face of Death I lay most of my work: in poetry and in the Divine collaboration that me and Dave have.

I believe that everything comes to Life and Death. The Art I love the most always makes me feel that eternal marriage between the Above and Below.

I wish that when you look at my work you will see Death. And when you see Death, you will see Life.

One day I understood the what the "Unbearable Lightness of Being" was and I cried. Oh how I cried. I cried for weeks. I cried for months.

The Cosmic Pain
The choice to choose to be free,
Or the eternal blindness
An illusion of happiness
Fitted into a corrupted world.
Cosmic Pain of a lullaby
That wasn't sang whilst there was Life,
I sang you a Lullaby,
When you and me sat on the bed,
Cosmic Pain to leave the bedroom I know.

But then, Prometheus was born. Prometheus is unafraid. Prometheus is flying to the Underworld.

Oh Babalon, if I shall be cursed in my condition of Human, by Zeus and Titanic Gods, let me prepare myself for the Eternal Life in the Garden Of Songs, Pleasures and Eternal wine.

This is cosmic Pain. An orgasm, a last breath, a blackout. The pain of not taking you with me my love, not taking you with me. The cosmic Pain of losing you. How I love you. How I loved you. How I love you my darling.
But I was told to not being anything back into that Amethyst.
A shout, a Chariot, The BAM of the Universe, the Scream of Her coming out into a new world.

It's fucking beautiful down here.

As Above, So below.


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Cosmic Pain (IV)
Cosmic Pain (IV)
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