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Born In Darkness

The Edge of Chaos

Born in Darkness (I)

Moon Child series II aims to communicate a universal pain, coming from the biggest individual perspective. I am a great believer that collective consciousness is a mirror of the journeys of each one of us.
This series explores the detachment of the mind from the Earth, but coming back to it with an Energy that is Supernatural and destructive, war-like.
Exploring the depths of trauma, rejection, a fall into the lovely arms of Psyque and Hypnos, the discovery of the silence of the Cosmos, floating on the Moon, finding oneself unable to find balance in the extreme gravity. It is the goodbye to everything before flying into black holes, to reach the Abyss. Where there is nothingness, becoming specks of silver.
It is the fight of not fully accepting nothingness, yet knowing it is infinite. It’s the eternal struggle of being, instead of understanding it as a concept, to truly live it. We can all read books, but only some of us will walk, willingly, the magical path of kissing the Serpent, even knowing that every little piece of me is going to dissolve in atoms one day.But aren’t atoms everything?
It is also my hand holding a pen, reaching for the Wisdom and Love of Her, Goddess,
It is a circle, where I stand, of growing and flickering stars, creating my nuclear Soul.
It was Celestial morphing into Chaos, morphing into Darkness, morphing into War, morphing into Death, morphing into Nothingness, morphing into Love, morphing into Enlightenment.

The edge of Chaos,

A storyteller tells a story through a specific lens in their own mind. What you read comes from the lenses that I look into.
Moon Child's second series is still a path that is now halfway. My life took me to the inevitable path of seeking and training and this Series was felt and written during that time.
A lot that was written came from tears and catharsis but this and other texts of it are also pure Love. I have learnt that pure Love does not show itself in the ways that Hollywood shows us. Pure Love can be the toughest Love, swamping us from our imaginary stability.
Pure Love is the endless pain and the endless joy in bearing All, for All are One.
And I come back to me, in solitude but not feeling lonely anymore, actually understanding and smiling at the fact that, when a tower falls, there is the opportunity to build better, new, in pure Love, coming from my heart directed to my hands.
After Celestial Chaos exhibition... The Second Series is called The Edge of Chaos.


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Born In Darkness 
Born In Darkness 
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