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Birthing Stars (III)

Time arrived
Strucking the clocks
It is 6.10am, Light coming out to play.
It is so late, it is so early,
Strucking my ear hard,
Softly boiled thing,
Strucks me thrice,
Golden triangles rise up the Air,
Blue circles are invoked,
As I invoke a lover to my bed,
Hungrily and Fiery,
I am Spirit.

The clock Strucks time,
Unstoppable wheel
Kairos strucks the World.
Kairos stroke me in long nights,
Visiting alleys of Philosophy,
London endless promises,
Kairos Strucks us at midnight.

I go to a place
That feels like cotton candy,
Aiming my bow behind you Kairos.
A place that is not a place,
A time that is not time,
Where creatures give birth to stars.


To my brother,
My Brother of the Moon,
My Brother who came
To a Tarot reading with me,
To my brother
Who flew to London with me,
To my brother who has said to me
Once when I kneeled crying for a boy,
And he told me
Stand up because we kneel for no men,
To my brother who has trusted me,
Utterly, from my gut to your gut,
Brother you who left with me
In Wood Green at 1am,
With no place to be, no home.
Brother, you who asked for help for me,
Brother you who stood always with me,
Brother you who loves me
Even when I'm evil,
Even when I was ill,
Even thousands of miles apart,
Brother you have protected me,
You have raised me up,
I have the pleasure of walking with you
Feeling you growing a Man,
Walking the Path that is not easy,
My brother we have been here long.

Henrique, you my Guardian,
May She never separates us,
May we always find each other Brother,
Maybe in a corner in North London,
Maybe in middle school again,
Where you told me I looked like Lady Gaga
And I hated you for that,
Maybe in those woods only we know.

My brother, to endless nights talking,
Getting high, flying to dimensions,
Sharing impossible dreams
That come true.
Brother, we dream of Stars,
We have shared so many moons,
We are Birthing Stars,
We are Birthing Stars,
We are Birthing Stars.

Death shall never set us apart,
If I do have to travel 100 Seas
May the Goddess set me free
May the God penetrate His light on me,
My brother, all I ask is,
May the Sound of Living Forever
Blast everytime we are bound,
A thousand secrets we take,
May I take you to fly with me,
If I am to be bound to Hell to be with you,
My brother, So mote it be!

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Birthing Stars (III)
Birthing Stars (III)
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