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Becoming Silver (II)

II-Becoming Silver

We enter a studio with the lights off,
On our right hand side there is a dark room.
“Everyone knows we’re a nice normal family.”
Come with me. Based on a true story, just more polished, as all Art created from the heart and soul.

Master Dave,
The Second Series of Moon Child is a compilation for us, for the last year in our chaotic lives, on the edge of Chaos.
Two being an unity, this series is a love letter to all the Art we have created together. For everytime you were my place of refugee and your magical hands pouring collodion over a dream about to come to life.
The lessons I have learned with you in our conversations about love, pain, fear, sadness, anger are endless and could be my endless inspiration to write.
You are my Artist counterpart, the Master that brings the Muse alive. How could I not believe in the Goddess and God when we were so blessed with a connection that is being held by the pillars of Friendship and Cosmic Consciousness.
Dave, you that trusted and guided me in taking your portrait after your life changed so abruptly, thank you.
You, that came to my rescue when I was all alone, giving me the most reassuring hugs, that everything would be alright because we are going back to the studio and make Art.
Thank you for seeing beauty in the most chaotic and devilish ways of my being and for always looking at a plate and ask: “Okay, what can we learn with this plate?” until we reach perfection.
Then, when the “ones”are born in darkness, we just look at it. Just look at it.
Stay still. Look at the beauty of this world, look at how all the strong trees are in constant movement but always grounded.
Looking at the light dancing across so many characters, I know all ever happened for a reason. Screaming is the biggest sign of Life. And there are such beautiful subtle and powerful ways to scream. Thank you for another year bathing ourselves in the red light of the dark room, bathing ourselves with the Sun’s light walking in the countryside.

I cannot forget that day, dark Winter's day, when you Master received the call that you were so impatiently waiting for. We were going to shoot the last plate of the day, do you remember?
And you left the studio and went into the house, told me to wait.
And I waited Master. And as time got denser than ever in your magical studio, I left the studio and entered the house. You were just ending the call and when you finished, you looked at me and I knew. You said there weren't good news and I just couldn't believe it. We hugged and I didn't have many words. The only thing I managed to do was to give you a crystal when you dropped me at the station.
I never believed it. I never believed you were ill, Master. I always believed this was the biggest trick a Magician in the Sky was playing and that you, Alchemist and Warrior were gonna play a bigger trick on it. And you did. You never stopped even during your worst times. You always entered that studio and that dark room giving all of yourself, giving me all the Space and Love to conjure forward an electricity that only you Master of Light and Dark captures with the powder of the Moon.
Now that we move towards more Golden Light, I wish to tell you Master: wherever you or me are, there are shapes on the back of those plates. One day, maybe in 500 years, one of us or both shall count till 11, hear the shotgun of the Great Mahogany Beast and fly to make Art together. To Infinity Master, to Infinity, to Infinity Magician!
Thank you for capturing the Magic, Master, as you always do. Thank you for taking Catarina to the here and now, to this sacred haven of Creativity, Art and Devotion.
On the edge of Chaos, just jump, with Faith,
Wholeness shall never leave your heart.

With Pure Love,
Moon Child

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Becoming Silver (II)
Becoming Silver (II)
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